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WASHINGTON (VOR)— Slava Mogutin was born in Siberia and first took up the pen when he moved to Moscow as a teenager, working for both print and broadcast radio.

WASHINGTON (VOR)– Tunisia, the nation that kicked off the Arab Spring in 2011, is still in upheaval.
WASHINGTON (VOR)– NPR’s "This American Life" is known for its use of personal stories to narrate significant events in the news.

WASHINGTON (VOR)– Congress is now considering a bill that would tighten scrutiny over the infamous School of the Americas (SOA).

WASHINGTON (VOR)– Residents of Detroit have a new and very unwelcome neighbor.

WASHINGTON (VOR)— Most look through this Prism hunting for a smile, while others find the imprint of a ghost.

International, Prism, Toby Lester, Leonardo da Vinci
In a concert in Odessa, Bloodhound Gang, a band best known, for provocative songs that range from rap to alternative may have gone a bit too far when one of its band members decided to include the Russian flag in their act.
International, US, Russia, music, rapper, Flag, bloodhouse

WASHINGTON (VOR)— We've all heard about the dire effects global warning will have on our planet. But could it be possible that rising temperatures could also affect our behavior?

WASHINGTON (VOR)— Russia promised Thursday to bolster its military presence inside Tajikistan upon the pullout of American and other NATO troops from Afghanistan, currently scheduled for 2014.
International, US, Russia, Taliban, Russian military, Tajikistan, narcotics trade, Konstantin Truevtsev, Russian Dimension

WASHINGTON (VOR)— The marijuana debate in the U.S. has been a long slog. 

International, US, legal, War on Drugs, Hannah Hetzer, Uruguay, Afternoon Show
WASHINGTON (VOR)— A billion dollar deal for oil products between Syria and Iran is just part of a long-term economic agreement between the two Middle East countries.
International, Syria, Iran, Mona Yacoubian
WASHINGTON (VOR)— Some Eastern European collaborators in Nazi genocide during the Second World War are living in America in a strange legal limbo.
International, US, Dmitry Babich, war crimes, Nazi collaborators
WASHINGTON (VOR)— Recurring allegations from Venezuela about CIA or CIA-linked Cuban exile plots to kill Venezuelan president Maduro are best understood as domestic political manuevers. So argues Vladimir Sudarev, Deputy Director of the Institute of Latin America at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, in discussion with VOR host Ric Young.
NSA security leaker Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum and has left the transit area of the Sheremetyevo International  Airport in Moscow.
Stass Shpanin is an artistic prodigy by any measure. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, he got his first major exhibition at the age of 7.
International, Russia, painting, Stass Shpanin

WASHINGTON (VOR) – Pope Francis made a big splash this week when he said he won't pass judgment on gay priests. Although many thought this was a huge departure from the Church's stance on gays, did Pope Francis really say anything new?

WASHINGTON (VOR) – The trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning is not over yet, but the army private has been convicted of 19 charges that could lead to more than 130 years in prison. Despite his charges, he was acquitted of the most serious charge of aiding and abetting the enemy.
International, US, legal, Carmen Russell-Sluchansky, Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning Support Network, bradley manning case, Bradley Manning trial, debra sweet
WASHINGTON (VOR) – A ban on buying Chinese-made PC's by the spy agencies of various western countries continues as growing evidence indicates the software and firmware has hidden vulnerabilities for hacking.

WASHINGTON (VOR)— A Cuba expert says Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's weekend visit to Cuba is about ensuring that Cuba will continue to receive a level of support in terms of Venezuelan oil.

VATICAN CITY (VOR/AFP) - Pope Francis reached out to gays on Monday, declaring that it is not his place to judge them -- while also condemning the Vatican's reported gay lobby as a "serious problem."
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