14 April, 19:40

Stand Your Ground Disguised in Anti-Abortion legislation

Stand Your Ground Disguised in Anti-Abortion legislation

By Crystal Park

WASHINGTON (VR) – South Carolina's Senate is proposing a law that would expand the state's Stand Your Ground law that protects citizens who use deadly force in the face of imminent danger or great bodily harm. The bill, "The Pregnant Women's Protection Act" extends that right to unborn fetuses from the moment of conception.

Pro-choice supporters argue it is just another way for the state to make it harder for women to receive abortions because it grants the same constitutional rights to fetuses as women have.

Charlotte Taft, Director of Abortion Care Network, says the bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. "The bill is titled as if it's an increase of protection, but there is actually no legal status of embryo, or fertilized egg, that is the same legal status as a born woman. As soon as you kind of put that into law, you undermine women's choices about whether or not to bring a new life into the world. This is a sideways way to undercut the Roe vs Wade decision and we've seen it over and over again. This is just one more attempt to confuse people as if you actually care about women, and frankly, as if you care about life because we know that take these kinds of legislations down all the way, there is very little true concern for children once they're born or women or their families."

Elizabeth Nash, State Issues Manager for Guttmacher Institute, says states have been trying to get around the abortion issue by putting forth personhood arguments for fetuses. Nash says this new bill is simply another way for profilers to pit personhood against choice. "This is really a new twist on that approach. All of it is designed to try to make it, legally, more difficult for abortion rights to remain."

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