11 December 2013, 14:04

Ukraine protests amid an economic crisis

By Ric Young

WASHINGTON (VOR)—As Ukrainian protesters have captured the attention of the world's media, another crisis is looming that could send the country into bankruptcy.

The currency reserves of the Ukraine have plummeted to the point that the currency known as the hryvnia, might be devalued if financial aid is not forthcoming from other nations.

Host Ric Young talks with VOR commentator and correspondent Dmitry Babich about the latest developments in the political protests and the emerging economic crisis that is engulfing the Ukraine.

Babich says the opposition must realize the delicate situation facing the Ukraine regarding where it receives economic aid and the efforts by President Yanukovich to secure the funding to keep his country solvent. His country needs 10 billion dollars to stay afloat. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is in Kiev today.

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