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Now that Scotland has voted no to devolution, the fallout is being felt over questions of how fairly the UK is represented. Downing Street insists more powers will be handed to Scotland but it has raised the issue over whether only English MPs should vote for English laws. VoR's Brendan Cole hosts a discussion.

British PM David Cameron on Monday hosted a summit of senior Conservative MPs to discuss plans to limit the Commons voting rights of Scottish MPs. The so called West Lothian question outlines whether Scottish MPs should vote on English matters but has also sparked a wider debate about a more decentralised Britain. VoR's Brendan Cole reports.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is hosting a summit of senior Conservative MPs at his country residence, Chequers, to discuss plans to limit the voting rights of Scottish MPs in the House of Commons.

In the wake of the Scottish referendum result, local authorities are demanding more locally delegated powers at county and borough level. The Local Government Association says the fact that Scotland has held on to a special funding arrangement and been given more powers means that English local authorities need the same.

A new report has said that the NHS England funding gap - the difference between the budget for the NHS and what it actually needs to deliver services - will reach £30bn by 2021. The Health Foundation's report argues for more support for providers of NHS care in England to ensure quality of care for patients does not deteriorate.


Six of England's leading mental health organisations have published a manifesto calling on all major political parties to commit to a series of changes aimed at improving the lives of people with mental health problems. Mental health problems cost the taxpayer £105bn, yet just 25 percent of adults with depression and anxiety get any treatment.

England’s early exit from the football championships in Brazil is likely to cut the World Cup effect on the UK economy by more than half compared with the £1.3 billion boost the country might have enjoyed had its team made it through the first round, according to the Centre for Retail Research (CRR). VoR's John Kohut reports. 

As England ponders its 1-2 defeat to Italy in the World Cup, in Brazil there's been disquiet and protests at the cost of hosting the tournament - over $11 billion. The Winter Olympics in Sochi this year was even more expensive - $50 billion. VoR's Brendan Cole spoke to Professor Wolfgang Maennig of the Department of Economics at Hamburg University.

The extent of bad behaviour in English schools is "seriously underestimated", according to research published today in the journal, the Review of Education. Figures from the Department of Education show that students in 99.7% of English schools behave in a satisfactory manner or better. But Professor Terry Haydn of the University of East Anglia told VoR's Tim Ecott that figure is misleading.

Pubs and bars in Britain will be allowed to stay open late during England's World Cup football matches this year, it was announced today, reversing an earlier government decision. Today's statement said bars could stay open as late as 0100 local time if England had a late kick-off - two hours later than most pubs close up for the night.


Almost 200, 000 new homes have now been earmarked to be built on green-belt land, according to a new report from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). It says the number of houses planned to be built on these protected areas has risen by 150 percent over the past 18 months. VoR's Tim Ecott spoke to Shaun Spiers from the CPRE.

In a gripping afternoon that saw England - desperate to gain a huge points difference to counter Ireland's table advantage - thrash Italy 11-52 at the Stadio Olimpico, France took on Ireland in a match that would prove a tribute to veteran Brian O'Driscoll, the most-capped player in rugby union history. France lost 20-22 to Ireland.

Doubt has been thrown over the 'evidence' collected by 20 English councils, using lie-detectors to prevent benefit fraud. Local authorities have been exposed as using voice-technology to prove people are lying over benefit claims, but a prominent language expert in Sweden says such analysis is pseudo-science and a waste of money. VoR's Tim Ecott spoke to Professor Francisco Lacerda, from the University of Stockholm.

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