British media's attack on UKIP

AN: “There has been a full frontal attack on UKIP. When people accuse UKIP of being racist it must be investigated thoroughly and if found untrue then the accusers must be prosecuted in the same way that people who commit hate crimes are prosecuted. Paxman’s interview with Farage was not a fair interview. Why not ask Farage something constructive like would the UK would be economically devastated if it left the EU?”

JD: “There is a class war of ideologies between this entrenched political class which is endorsing political correctness and uses racism as a way of closing down the argument and parties like UKIP. They don’t want these maverick outsiders who represent what British people really think to get into government.”

Ukrainian presidential election

AN: “We all know Petro Poroshenko will win but the big questions is will he try and do something practical or will he try and raise the stakes even higher? Ukraine has drifted from the front pages but it is still in a dangerous situation. We might have a civil war going on in Europe. We have learnt nothing from the first and second world wars. I am accusing the EU again of failing to deliver.”

Prince Charles’ alleged comparison of Putin with Hitler

AN: “I was overwhelmed with people asking me to comment on it. This is a set-up and it is an embarrassment that hacks are using this woman to attack Putin.”

JD: “Private conversations should remain private. Does this constitute a private remark though? Prince Charles has form for shooting his mouth off. Prince Charles’ remarks are invariably wrong and this is not a good precedent for the man who is due to become Britain’s constitutional monarch.”

Credit Suisse’s $2.6bn fine

AN: “Tax evasion was always popular in Switzerland. I think Credit Suisse got off lightly as they didn’t lose their office, managers or their licence.”

JD: “I quite like the fact that in the good old days Switzerland was where you could hide your ill-gotten gains. The biggest criminals in the world today are the tax authorities grossly misspending people’s money so I don’t blame people for trying to avoid giving money they have legitimately earned themselves to the government. It is scary that America has the power to bully the Swiss.”

On the US accusing China of industrial espionage

JD: “It is a known fact that most of China’s technology is stolen from the West.”

AN: “The Americans have been stealing technology from the world for years. For instance, the brain drain helped the US economy a great deal. They were buying scientists in a very aggressive way. Americans have been misbehaving for the past 20 years in such a way that they are now bankrupt. They are now prepared to do anything even start a war to get themselves out of it. It sounds childish to me.”

State-educated children’s lack of morality

JD: “A lot of state schools probably don’t give children the moral compass they need. It is partly because of spinelessness with regards to correct and incorrect behaviour. The teachers are partly responsible because they aren’t educated either. I would definitely send my children to private school if I could afford it.”

AN: “No one can teach children right from wrong because there are no positive role models any more. There are none. I took my son from a state school to a private school because I didn’t want a bad influence on my child. A couple of kids in a state class can ruin someone’s education by behaving like barbarians.”