On the abduction of Nigerian girls

JD: “Nigeria has been teetering on the brink of being a failed state for the last 20 or 30 years. It’s very disappointing that the president Goodluck Jonathan has not been able to react sooner. I can’t imagine what horror the girls are going through, the sad thing is I am not really sure there is much that the international community can do about this. The bigger picture is Boko Haram who are a very unpleasant terrorist organisation and this is what has happened when al-Qaeda splintered.”

AN: “The Arab Spring has produced some of the most awful results. In Nigeria the government does not want to deal these guys, because these are tough guys. If Nigeria is a serious country, they should have had human intelligence on the ground and their agents infiltrating these terrorist groups. “

On the South African elections certain to return the ANC to power

JD: “ South Africa is blessed by the structure it inherited, it will take a while for the ANC to run it down completely we can’t expect it to become a model of democracy. Jacob Zuma is like the South African version of Alex Salmond, he appeals to that nationalism.”

AN: “ It is a communist regime and corruption goes hand in hand with that. Don’t South Africans understand that this is a party of old dinosaurs? Jacob Zuma is unfit to be president. He is voted in because of false patriotism.”

On Vladimir Putin’s call for eastern Ukraine not to hold a referendum on independence

AN: “I think Russia wants to repair the bridges with the west, on the whole I think that Putin is softening his rhetoric, he wants to launch the diplomatic process but how can you stop these people from organizing this referendum when they are bent on it. We have seen horrible footage of civilians dying.”

JD: “It is very depressing. I find this whole story a hall of mirrors, I don’t trust what Alexander says, or what the EU says or what the Americans say.”

On Vladimir Putin banning swearing on Russian TV

AN: “Why should we allow all this swearing on TV. Mainstream comedians swear when they can’t squeeze a laugh out of the audience, swearing has nothing to do freedom of expression it is mediocrity trying to be seen as controversial."

JD: “Comedians have to earn a living, I think it is OK for comedians to swear. Mylie Cyrus is on tour and her show is full of swearing and that is a misjudgment.”

On TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson allegedly using the “n” word

JD: “What I find terrifying, what has become of our culture when Jeremy Clarkson, the most popular presenter on television, one of his outtakes never used on TV is shopped by one of the crew. This was just the word we used, it was not in a racist way, there was not a racist thought in our heads. He was kicking against the traces of our political correct culture.”

AN: “Russians don’t get upset when people say they drink too much. This was a children’s rhyme, and it was not even shown on television. The person who dug this up should be sacked and blacklisted. What about the country Niger, it may have to change its name.”

On Pfizer’s bid to takeover Astra Zeneca

AN: “Some people suspect there will be job losses, the pharmaceutical giants should always be controlled and watched carefully. “

JD: “You can take the French view is that there is an intimate relationship between the state and industry. I don’t like that, it is a form of socialism.”