Former Kremlin adviser and editor of Alexander Nekrassov is joined by journalist and broadcaster James Delingpole

On French President Hollande’s alleged affair

 AN: “I think it’s an exciting story for the French because they actually pretend that they don’t care what their leaders do, when they DO care. Obviously, Hollande is in trouble with everything, the economy, foreign policy – everything. And suddenly he gets into this mess. And the press conference in the palace was a joke”.

 JD: “I would have thought that he ought to be really grateful for this distraction from his disastrous economic performance. He ought to be paying money to that French magazine for taking the heat off his appalling political record”.

On Ariel Sharon’s death and burial in Israel

AN: “What I found obviously ridiculous was that [former British PM and Special Envoy for the Middle East on behalf of the Quartet – the United Nations, European Union, United Sates and Russia] Tony Blair was there praising him, and also [US Vice-President] Joe Biden was there saying that he was a complex person in a complex environment with complex neighbours, and so on. Sort of hinting that America had a bit of a problem with him. I still think it was bizarre in a sense that a man who was ‘dead’ for eight years was suddenly buried with full honours.”

JD: “Ariel Sharon has been given an awful lot of stick in the liberal media because of the Sabra and Shatila massacres. There is no doubt that Sharon was a brutally efficient, impetuous military leader. But I think that what some people are inclined to forget is that if you live in Israel, you are surrounded on all your borders by enemies, committed to wiping you off the map. You need people like Sharon and he really showed his mettle in 1967 and again in 1973”.

On US ex-US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates’ criticisms of President Obama in his memoirs

AN: “Let’s not forget that he was a Republican in a Democrat administration, which was odd, by the way. And also I think he was bitter, because when Obama came to power, I think the mood has changed in Washington in the sense that suddenly they were talking about withdrawing troops as quickly as possible from all over the place and Robert Gates was not some dove who would welcome that”.

JD: “I think Barack Obama has been absolutely useless on foreign policy and I think it’s extraordinary that he got given the Nobel Peace Prize when he’s done nothing to promote peace in the world. He’s just weakened America’s role as a kind of peacemaker and I think that does not go down to his credit. I loved Gates’ attack on Joe Biden - wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. You could not get more damning than that”.