On the inquest into the Mark Duggan’s death

AN: First of all the coverage of this story was not proper. Mark Duggan was a member of a violent gang of drug dealers. Even if some people objected to the jury’s decision, we completely forgot who he was.

“What I found even more appealing and abysmal was that there were hints that probably violence may spark again in Tottenham. This is called inflaming racial tensions. I say racial tensions because there was time for people to point out that he was black and that’s why he was shot. This has nothing to do with this particular incident.“

“The jury’s decision is a completely different thing. The point that was made is that members of Duggan’s family abused the jurors in the court by screaming and abusing them. That constitutes the contempt of court.

JD:  "If any more damage to personal property results from this chap being shot, then I think it is a pretty poor show. If you think about Brixton riots, there is a hard core of agitators who are looking to take advantage of incidents like this and turn it into a rebellion against the system. That is too much for me."

On child drug dealers

AN: “What I think is happening is that children are being brainwashed by the entertainment industry, television and computer games into thinking that crime generally is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, in the black communities with the help of the rap artists who glamourize crime, I don’t see why children wouldn’t be sucked into drug trade or whatever trade.

“A whole entertainment industry is dragging those kids into crime and maybe it’s not done on purpose but the image, the glamourization, the films, the computer games... I mean Grand Theft Auto is basically a manual for young children to learn how to be a criminal.”

JD: Drug dealers are businessmen. They are going to use whatever means is necessary to get their trade going.”

On sexual consent education in schools

JD: The National Children’s Bureau – that sounds pretty Orwellian. Who created it? Who decided that it will be charge of telling us what to think about children?

“I never got anti-rape lessons at school and I don’t think that anyone from my generation did. It seems to me that you ought to be able to absorb in any normal, sane, descent culture – you would know the boundaries of sex or any boundaries.”

AN: “It doesn’t make any sense at all. It [knowledge and education] comes from the family, from the upbringing. It is part of the moral code of any person.” 

On welfare cuts announced by George Osbourne 

AN: It’s a bit more than a year till the general election. The Conservative party is doing its best to win over the voters. I don’t think it is working. 

“George Osborne is playing a very strange game. He is saying he is fighting the deficit. But in the exactly same sentence he says he is still borrowing a lot of money – about a hundred billion a year. How on earth is he going to convince anybody that he is doing something? I don’t understand how his words are connected to his brain.” 

JD: There is a public big appetite for cuts, particularly in welfare. They don’t like people sponging off the state. They recognise the economic problems we are in at the moment. If anything, George Osborne is being far too timid. He is just shaving off a billion here and a billion there. If you are still borrowing a hundred billion pounds a year to service your debts – that’s not dealing with the problem, that’s kicking the can down the road.” 

On the 2022 World Cup 

JD: It is a stupid idea. How much did Qatar had to bribe FIFA to get this [World Cup]? I can’t imagine why Qatar got the World Cup.”

AN: “To be honest there are other countries that shouldn’t have the World Cup, like Brazil. In Brazil, not only is it very hot but it is also 100 percent humid, unlike Qatar by the way. It is practically impossible for any European team to play on the same level as the locals in Brazil because the locals grew up with this [weather].  

“How come Brazil was chosen? On what grounds? It makes the competition unfair. The only people who are over the moon - are the gangsters, the drug dealers and the hookers obviously. This was a very strange choice. 

“I think that basically England should host the World Cup all the time. I know it probably sounds horrible for all the other countries. The English invented football. They are mad about it. They have wonderful facilities. The climate is roughly the best for playing football, you don’t get extremes there.”