The BHA says that by selecting pupils on the basis of the faith of their parents skews their results as they tend to attract people from a middle class background.

Richy Thompson told VoR: “For most parents the most important thing when picking a school for their children is the academic performance. I’m sure that we’ll continue to see that as long as faith schools are allowed to religiously select in their admissions, they will be quite popular, not because of their faith but because of the fact they can select.”

From the perspective of the British Humanist Association, what would you like to see happen?

“We think it’s wrong to divide children at the age of four based on religion or lack of it. We don’t think the state should be funding particular religions.

The first step towards a fairer system is to stop the discrimination in the admissions whereby a child might not be able to get into their local school because it has a religion admissions policy and the consequences of that - socio-economic segregation.”

Faith schools discriminating against poorer pupils - study