Leaman said: "I think there are a number of factors that are impacting on teenager’s mental health. I think you can look at the never ending stress of exams…really increased under the pressure to exceed in exams nowadays. I think if you look at the increasing sexualisation of younger and younger children being pressured to act in a more sexual way.

"I think bullying is obviously an issue and I think social media is having an impact on mental health. What it does…it’s kind of a mechanism system of those things that children don’t have the opportunity to turn off, like they used to. If we look at bullying, in the past you can get away from bullying, when you went home, you were able to shut the door, and, yes, the impacts of bullying would stay with you, but with social media there’s almost a 24/7 culture, where you can’t get away from some of these issues that are worrying you. That’s really the concern for us: where do young people get the breathing space?”

(Voice of Russia)