However, critics say infrastructure spending is falling.

Wellings said: "Frankly, I think that this is an appalling waste of hundreds of billions of pounds. It’s going to misdirect vast resources into uneconomic projects, whether into energy or transport.

"I mean, take the energy stakes, roughly half of this money, which is in total nearly £400 billion, is going into economic green energy projects like offshore wind and nuclear power. And the problem with that is that it’s going to push up energy bills even further.

"It’s going to lead to increasing levels of fuel poverty. It’s going to make British businesses less and less competitive compared with their rivals abroad. This is really very bad news for the British economy. It’s not going to help growth; it’s actually going to destroy growth.

"I think the policy is very heavily influenced by various special interest groups, the companies that are going to cash in on these subsidies and the markets and so on. They’re going to make huge amounts of money from all this, at the expense of tax payers and consumers."

(Voice of Russia)