RBS under scrutiny for reportedly turning the screws on small businesses 

AN: “What we are witnessing here is total incompetence on the part of the Treasury because a bank under its control is basically assets dripping and this is not the first scandal. This nationalised bank that send all these wonderful leaflets, how it helps people and businesses, charges up to thirty percent on overdrafts for small businesses.”

JW: “George Osbourne ought to be summoned to a select committee and I’d like some more people to be questioned over how the banks think they are actually doing. The banks seem to feel that they are in some way trying to solve the problems of before. But they were cause by us being offered too much money and now you can’t get any money.”

UK pensioners protest over state benefit changes leaving them in poverty 

JW: “How can these companies charge so much money, make so much profit and then moan about the cost.”

Silvio Berlusconi expelled from Italy's Senate

JW: “I think Berlusconi does liven up politics. He has an enormous following in Italy. They love him! He wears an enormous amount of makeup and it must be a wig. He is a multi-millionaire. Why doesn’t he just lie on the beach and eat good food?”

AN: “What is amazing is that in Italy where you have all these strange ministers and government, things are still working. Ok, not all of it, but parts of it are still working.”