On the response to the Philippines disaster

James: “I don’t think that we have learnt that when a disaster of this scale like this takes place, days and hours matter. Let’s make sure that the help is there just when the eye of the media is there.”

Alexander: “The hacks should come back and check. If you go back to Haiti, some of these people are still living in tents. The audits of the tsunamis in 2007 they spent 35% of the money raised when on administration alone.”

On John Major’s claim that Britain is being run by an elite

James: “I’m all for social mobility. I do not want to see positive discrimination in any kind of hiring, if you are right for the job, have the job. It all starts with education.”

Alexander: “I think that John Major should be keeping quiet. He tries to get on a high moral ground then it collapses. He is not a very popular figure I don’t think David Cameron has to worry about him very much.”

On Boris Johnson’s idea to teach Latin in deprived areas of London.

James: “If we really sold it properly and said if you learn it you will be able to do so much more.”

Alexander: “There is a stigma about it. The way popular youth culture is moving, Latin will be seen as something from the stone age.”

On Jack Straw, former Home Secretary, saying that he regrets Labour’s immigration policies

Alexander:I think it’s disgraceful. This is a sick and twisted approach to demonise foreigners. Now they are doing the same with Romanians and Bulgarians who come in next year. They never mention the Moroccan gangs, the Albanian gangs and so on. He is saying things that are inflammatory.”

James: “The stable door is flapping in the wind. As somebody who wouldn’t be here for immigration policies. What we had was uncontrolled immigration and politicians in denial and that has led to tremendous social tensions. We have to be thankful that people have come over and worked hard.”

(Voice of Russia)