US 'phone-tapping activities

“We can expect that some other country can find out that its leaders have been monitored. I liked the way Angela Merkel went about it, she said 'if you are doing it, just stop’. (AN)

"The world leader who is not being listened to is going to be very upset. They're going to think what's wrong with me? Am I not important enough to listen to?" (JW)

"The Americans are showing total arrogance. It's the same psychology as when they are sending out drones. This arrogance spreads to other areas." (AN)

The new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

“It’s a move too late. We need to have nuclear power, we should have invested in nuclear power some years ago, but now we will go cap in hand to other parts of the world." (JW)

“Nuclear energy is not a solution. Nothing will change because the speculators in the markets push up energy prices.” (AN)

"Until the markets are treated as hostile entities, which they are, nothing will change and prices will continue to go up." (AN)

"I have an idea for renewable energy: We can have state-of-the-art treadmills in prisons, so a prisoner would have to go in for an hour or two a day, which would power the prison or maybe even the town, and keep the prisoners fit. They'd be paying their debt to society." (JW)

John Major calls for windfall tax on the six energy giants

“John Major left the country in a very good financial position. It was interesting to hear John Major to say something, in a way he might be right. This windfall tax on the bankers never materialised. They keep boasting about the profits the energy companies are making while the rest of us are having to choose between heat or eat.” (JW)

"John Major was not a successful prime minister. The Conservative party fell apart. He found it hard after Thatcher but he made a lot of mistakes."

"There are rumours that in a few months' time Cameron will step down and be replaced by, of all people, George Osborne. John Major is a very cautious man and for him to go against Cameron so publicly is very strange. Something is going on. I think we are witnessing the end of an era." (AN)

"I don't think there's any stomach in the Conservative party to change the leader." (JW

Prince George’s christening

"All babies look like Winston Churchill." (JW)

"I'm a big fan of the royal family and I think Kate and William are doing great things for it, but I would like to see church and state separated. I don't think they are particularly religious but they have to be seen to be.” (JW)

Grangemouth petro-plant closure

"It's another mess in Scotland, where everything is falling apart because Alex Salmond has decided to go independent and he's lost sight of all the problems there." (AN)

"I'm surprised the unions didn't behave in a more sensible manner. They've done a great dis-service to the workers." (JW)

London house prices up 10% in a month

"It's not out of control, London has always been different. A  house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. Perhaps we should have some controls on people from other countries buying in." (JW)

"A very good idea would be for the government to charge mansion tax on the foreigners, because they don't pay any tax here. They need to contribute something. London alone would generate a lot of money." (AN)

"Russians come here because no questions are asked about the money- none." (AN)

Free schools

"I don't understand the concept of a school being set up by a collective of enthusiasts." (AN)

"We need good education, and one of the problems is it's being used as a political football by all of the parties. They should leave it to the educationalists." (JW)

(Voice of Russia)