US debt ceiling

"I think the Americans need to look deep into their souls. They are supposed to be the world’s only superpower and they behaved in a way that could have damaged the economy and the lives of people in the rest of the world and it is not acceptable to behave in this way." JW

"This bill means nothing, America is undermining the world economy. It is printing money, it devalues the dollar. All that brinkmanship explains nothing." AN

George Osborne’s visit to China

"If it brings prosperity to the UK then it is a good thing." JW

"Can you imagine a British trade mission going to China, I love this." AN


"I think a number of policemen would have to come up and receive their punishment." JW

"The cops don’t like this government because they cut the numbers. Another thing that astonishes me is why would a cabinet minister use a bicycle, this is all showing off." AN

Teachers' strike

"Teaching is the most important profession. You need great teachers. They need to be respected but in this country this profession is not valued.” JW