A veteran lawmaker from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) was stripped of the party whip after describing a room full of women as "sluts", the party said.

Godfrey Bloom, who sits in the European Parliament, had "gone too far", UKIP leader Nigel Farage said earlier. 

Farage, who had earlier given a speech to UKIP's annual conference, told the BBC before the decision: "My recommendation is that we now today remove the party whip."

Later, Bloom got into a tussle with a Channel 4 journalist and hit the reporter over the head.

Meanwhile, at labour's conference, Ed Miliband said he would slash energy price rises, causing a backlash from the energy companies who lost £2 billion in value on the stock exchange overnight.

Meanwhile, ex-spin-doctor Damian McBridge brought out a memoir outlining the political backstabbing going on under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

(Voice of Russia)