The panel also discuss the recent controversy surrounding the wearing of muslim veils in court, Nick Clegg's speech at the Liberal Democrat party conference and the Catholic church's position in the world, following Pope Francis's remarks on the need for a more 'merciful' approach.




UN report on use of chemical weapons in Syria

“It was biased, it was unprofessional, and I think the UN should move from the US to some poor third world country” (AN)

“The way the report was presented by Ban Ki-moon implied that Assad was behind the whole thing” (AN)

“What they didn’t mention was that none of the insurgents got killed- only civilians. That is very suspicious” (AN)

“The rockets used had a Made in USSR stamp... Come on guys! The USSR has been out of action for 20 years!” (AN)

“Putin was right when he said the UN is following in the steps of the League of Nations, which disintegrated in the Thirties because it was biased, ineffective and incompetent” (AN)

“The UN has lost it” (AN)

“How lucky we are to have David Cameron. He’s saved the world yet again” (JW) 

US Senator John McCain’s op-ed in

“Nobody listens to John McCain in America, they’re not going to listen to him in Russia, are they?” (JW)

“It will have been the only paper McCain has heard of in Russia, that’s why he went for it” (AN)

“McCain lives in the Seventies” (AN) 

Judge’s ruling on no veils when giving evidence

“We need to put down a marker. There are certain things about living in Britain, and one of them is that we like to see people’s faces” (JW)

“It’s common sense, it’s nothing to do with religion. There should have been no issue” (AN)

Nick Clegg’s conference speech

“It was embarrassing. It was a man who knows he is going to be demolished at the next election pleading with the voters, saying, ‘Look, I want to stay in power’” (AN)

“I think we’ll probably still have a coalition government after the next election” (JW)

The idea of free school lunches

“Some Tories are saying, ‘We have wars to fight, we can’t afford to spend money on free lunches’ (for schools)” (AN)

“We should scrap free meals in hospitals” (JW)

“If you stop propping up the banks, you have money for anything you want” (AN)

Grand Theft Auto goes on sale

“They have no lives, they all look so unhealthy” (JW)

“Of course such games make people violent. And the younger you are, the more you are influenced” (AN)

“Half Hollywood is promoting dope, violence and so on, openly covering it with various ‘artistic freedoms’” (AN)

“Quentin Tarantino promoted drugs more than the Colombian drug cartel” (AN)