Geneva 2 peace talks on Syria

Alexander Nekrasov: “We have a problem with the United Nations. The UN is hopeless when it comes to bringing conflicting parties together. I don’t know what Ban Ki Moon was thinking when he banned Iran from coming to the table – but allowing the Saudis and the Qataris to come in while supporting one side in the war? I think the main problem with the Syrian conflict – and speaking as a former trouble shooter for the Kremlin – you don’t organise these big conferences until the troubleshooters have reached a deal behind the scenes. Trust me – this [Geneva II] will end with nothing. There will be a Geneva Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight!”

James Delingpole: “ John Kerry has declared that Assad has lost his legitimacy. This conference shows the powerlessness of the great powers. No magazine dares run the story that says that ‘Assad may not be the nicest man in the world – but maybe he’s the best option avaialable.

Davos, World Economic Forum

JD:These people are completely out of touch with ordinary people. Davos represents an economic conspiracy by the bankster class against the rest of us. These people have stitched up the global economy and I don’t trust them an inch.

AN:Davos has become a kind of a swear word. It doesn’t achieve anything. Dostoevsky said it: ‘the moment the stockbrokers and speculators take over the economy, the economy will be dead.

JD:I don’t believe inequality of wealth is the problem. I think the problem is when people like George Soros…cease to become money makers and start throwing their weight around like politicians and try to get involved in liberal left think tanks that are removing all of our freedoms. The problem with these uber-rich capitalists is that they think they can save the third world – but they end up creating a sort of Statism.

The future of the British government

JD: "I’ve got a dog and a cat at home – they loathe each other viscerally – but it’s got nothing on the hatred between the Conservatives and the LibDems. More remarkable and disgusting at the same time is that the Conservative strategists have already decided that they have to play nicey-nice with the LibDems. It’s nauseating. Historians will look back on this period as one of the lowest moments in the history of the Conservatives."

AN: "Cameron should have resigned and let any Tory – any proper - Tory lead the party after failing to defeat the Brown-led Labour Party. The Tories love the coalition – they can always blame the LibDems for anything they fail to achieve. The whole arrangement suits a lot of vested interests."