On Biggs

Nekrassov: “The sad thing about Ronnie is that he was not the leader of the gang. He was a small-time east London crook who was needed to do small jobs. He ended up living the life of a playboy, he continued to show two fingers to the cops and the legal system generally and people like those sorts of characters.”

Delingpole: “We do like our bank robbers because in many ways it is a victimless crime, if anyone was a victim it was the British government.”

On Amnesty

Nekrassov: “It’s a good end. I think there was too much fuss made out of it. I would have advised to kick them out of a prison after a few days. Arctic 30, I honestly think that they have been punished enough, they made a huge mistake and Greenpeace have assured me that they won’t it do it again.”

Delingpole: “By imprisoning these people the Russian authorities played right into the hands of Greenpeace. What the Russians should have done, confiscated their ship and hit them where it hurts, in the pocket. Greenpeace have got a lot of mileage out of this which they totally didn’t deserve.”

On Cameron’s visit to Afghanistan and saying that the job is done

Nekrassov: “Russia warned the Americans about Afghanistan. They are leaving the country and the Taliban are coming back and we are back to square one.”

Delingpole: “If the job was to leave a large number of servicemen limbless to leave the country in much the state when we arrived, then yes the job has indeed been done. It seems we have made no difference whatsoever.”

(Voice of Russia)