On Ukraine:

Alexander: “What we are seeing now is basically the European Union meddling in the affairs of Ukraine.

"The conditions were impossible for Ukraine to fulfil them…Of course there are people who want to be part of Europe."

James: “It’s a case of rats actually clamouring aboard a sinking ship, why would you want to do that?

I was thinking of Estonia, it is a classical liberal country, I can’t believe Estonia allowed themselves to be shackled to a rotting corpse of the European Union, Ukraine the same."


On Cameron’s visit to China:

Alexander: “China is a very difficult partner. What we are hearing from Cameron is that there will be British companies selling China goods that are made in China for these British companies, which sounds very weird.

"There will be a flood of Chinese businessmen coming to Britain.”

James: “You have to look at what David Cameron is offering the Chinese.

"He is giving them this fantastically iniquitous deal with the Hinkley Point nuclear plant, and you have the Chinese invited to take part in HS2, a project so disastrous that no private finance would ever consider tackling such a project.”


On Raising the pension age:

Alexander: “It was expected because Osborne has no money, he needs to raise money.“

James: “I find it absolutely extraordinary that newspapers are inviting us to be shocked at the fact that people may have to work until 70 to get their pensions, I think pensions should be cut now.

We are heading towards financial Armageddon and our pensions liability is one of our biggest problems.”


On the diver Tom Daley coming out:

Alexander: “I thought it was self-promotion and too much fuss has been made of it, it is no big deal, if he came out as a brilliant diver then that would be amazing.”

James: “I don’t care if he is gay or not but what I do care about is that we live in a world that to admit to your sexuality, that being gay is this tremendous triumph over adversity.”