On Co-op Bank controversy.

James: “This story links into every aspect of our lives. We have to have greater transparency, the government is always looking to supress stories like this because it is embarrassing.”

Alex: “For the Tories now to attack Labour for taking money from a bank is outrageous. The press should look into the whole idea of banks interfering in politics.”

On David Cameron’s comments about green taxes.

James: ” To ask the consumer to pay for this infrastructure when it should be paid out of corporate taxation is appalling. Ofgem is toothless, this need sorting out and the ‘green crap’ needs to be got rid of."

Alex: “This is the election campaign heating up now. This is an election campaign ploy he is trying to address the majority who do not want energy prices to rise.”

On the release of Greenpeace activists.

Alex: "I was involved in this. We decided to have a letter from Paul McCartney to be passed to President Putin. It was a very good letter, delivered through official channels, that soft diplomacy played a major role here.”

James: “Isn’t it interesting that celebrities seem to be influencing policy more and more. I may not agree with Greenpeace but the ability to protest is very important.”

On the return of Monty Python.

James: “It is one of the great comedy cultural legacies of this country. We are still celebrating Monty Python’s legacy today”

Alex: “It was not a good series. You can’t get away with putting a few good jokes and having the rest of the jokes appallingly bad.”