As the Magistrates Association says it is considering doing away with the bible, for those taking an oath in courts, Alexander Nekrassov says: "The judicial system is collapsing".

The Magistrates’ Association is to discuss concerns that many people do not take the oath seriously. Ian Abrahams, a Bristol magistrate has proposed scrapping the oath, said: "More and more I see people shrug their shoulders or say 'whatever' when asked to take it.

"I’m suggesting we take holy books out of the process. Instead, people will have to show they understand they could be sent to prison if they don’t tell the truth".

James Whale says: "We are not a religious country. We are a secular country. A small part of the population go to church. Quite a big part of the population will tell you they are believers because a lot of people are frightened to say they don't know."

Peace prize

Meanwhile, as President Putin is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, other names are being put forward, including Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen while returning home on a school bus.

Nekrassov says: "She's a very brave girl, but unfortunately all these politicians - slimy politicians - have started to use her for their own purposes to promote themselves".

Whale says: "Would it be good for the world for a young girl who has faced quite extreme circumstances and managemed to recover from an assassination attempt" to receive the prize?

(Voice of Russia)