Obama in Sweden en route to G20

“The Swedish PM was very confused – he didn’t really understand why Obama had come.” AN

“Obama doesn’t do press conferences very well. He likes to have a teleprompter.” AN

“Putin was taunting the Americans – ‘he was saying Show me the proof’” AN

Syria strikes possibility

“What would America do if it was proven that the Syrian rebels brought the chemical weapons in and used them?” AN

“It’s been confirmed that it was Britain who sold the components for the weapons” AN

“Obama will look stupid. They’ll all look stupid.” JW

“Whoever is committing atrocities in Syria, how do we stop it or make it better by lobbing a couple of million-pound cruise missiles into the pot? How is that going to improve the situation?” JW

“There was no chance that the British people would tolerate a re-run of what happened in Iraq.” JW

“It has damaged Cameron. I bet he wishes he hadn’t done it. I don’t think there is the stomach for us to be in something that will just get worse and worse.” JW

British Parliament vote on Syria

“I think Ed Miliband has come through it quite well. Cameron’s advisers having a go at him make him look better.” JW

“Our standing in the world has not been diminished because the rest of the world has seen that you have to ask the people.” JW

“If the Yanks go in without a Security Council resolution, we should boycott their goods all over the world just like they did with French goods when the French opposed the Iraqi war.” AN

“We live in a country where the Conservatives are funded by big business and the Labour party is funded in the main by the trade unions and their members, and it would be really nice if both sides had a similar amount of money and were only allowed to have that amount.” JW

“Politics don’t work without money.” AN

Gareth Bale deal

“The reason why it’s £85 million is that the agent charges 40%. Secondly the money is not paid – the huge amounts are promotional.” AN

“The directors of every club, to increase their own salaries, point to the amounts paid for their player. So it’s a game.” AN

“How many newspapers would have written about this deal if it had been five mil? Nobody.” AN

UK high street decline

“The retail trade is suffering because the quality of goods is not good, they are overpriced and the service is not good.” AN

“The problem with British high street you can’t get a butcher or baker or candle stick maker. There won’t be anything till local councils realise that boarded-up town centres are ruining Britain’s communities.” JW

“They need to make it easy for people to go there – you need to be able to park when you go to the local shops, you need to cut the business rates.” JW

“You can’t get a decent suit in Harrods. M&S is missing out on millions because they have the wrong colours on the walls, the wrong design, everything.” AN

In London, they’re pretending the retail trade is on the up. They are all foreign buyers. As soon as you go out of London, there is no-one.” AN

Vitamin drips

“What these pills and things do is undermine the immune system and undermine the whole structure of the body. And all these drips – it smacks a bit of drugs, doesn’t it?” AN

“Margaret Thatcher went on this hormone therapy to look young, and I think that’s when she lost it.” AN

NSA spying on Mexican, Brazilian presidents

“All the countries of the world, given half a chance, are spying on each other.” JW

“The Americans created a worldwide system of spying on everyone.” AN

“The Americans are international bullies, they think they can get away with anything.” AN

“They need to be put back in their box.” JW