During a performance by Bloodhound Gang in the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Wednesday, Jared Hasselhoff crammed a Russian flag inside his pants and literally wiped his behind with it, according to a video posted on YouTube.

Article 329 of the Russian Criminal Code (Desecration of the National Emblem of the Russian Federation or the State Flag of the Russian Federation) envisages up to one year in jail.

The musicians were led away through the back-door entrance, but the angry audience still managed to throw tomatoes and eggs at them. Their performance was cancelled.

Police questioned the musician and referred materials to the city prosecutor’s office.

The band’s scheduled appearance at the KUBANA 2013 festival near the southern Russian city of Anapa was cancelled.

"Disgraceful", says Butman

Performers should show respect for the country where they perform, world-acclaimed Russian jazz musician Igor Butman said on Sunday, in reference to the incident.

Photo: RIA Novosti

“I think it was disgraceful,” said Butman, who is a member of the Supreme Council of Russia’s ruling party United Russia.

“No one has the right to behave like that, to do such things with symbols of other countries. These are inadmissible things.”

“They came to another country to perform and to earn money. It is highly unlikely they could have got away with such things in their homeland. I think they should be given a good slap for it.”

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the security committee of the Russian State Duma lower parliament house, Irina Yarovaya, noted that US politicians stayed strangely silent about the escapade.

“It is obvious for anyone that such actions in any state of the world are crimes,” she said. “They are direct actions that insult a country and its citizens.”

(Voice of Russia, ITAR-TASS)