28 April 2013, 11:47

Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

вербное воскресенье церковь свечи служба праздник верба

Orthodox Christians are celebrating Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem this Sunday.

This holiday, also known as Palm Sunday, commemorates the day in the life of Christ, when, mounted on a donkey, He rode into Jerusalem, and the entire city turned out to greet him.

As the Gospel says, people took off their upper garments, strewing His path with them and palm fronds.

On this day traditionally believers take branches of puss willow to church for consecration.

They symbolize palm fronds, used to welcome the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, will hold a divine liturgy in downtown Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral, the patriarch's press service reported.

In the Orthodox tradition, Easter is preceded by a long period of fasting. The fasting period before Easter in Eastern Christianity lasts 48 days. The first 40 days of the period are called Great Lent, symbolizing Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness before being tempted by Satan.

The true purpose of fasting is to help people cleanse their souls of sin and learn to control their desires. In this way believers prepare for Easter, which Russia will mark this year on May 5 in line with the Julian calendar.

Voice of Russia, Interfax, RIA




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