13 February 2013, 17:05

Russia -Map of Changes

Russia -Map of Changes

What can ensure an effective growth of Russia’s economy in the coming 5 years and what role is assigned to Siberia and the Far East in the fulfillment of this task – Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev plans to discuss these and many other topics with the participants of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum titled “Russia: a Map of Changes”, due to be held in Krasnoyarsk from February 15 to 17.

Although the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum is a purely Russian regional forum, the upcoming, 10th, forum will be somewhat different from all others because its participants plan to discuss global, that is, world economic problems. And the reason for this is very serious. The point is that this year Russia is holding the presidency of the Group of 20. Besides, discussion will be held between the leaders of the BRICS countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, during which modern mechanisms of interaction between the federation and the region.

The effective development of Russia’s eastern territories, which are now called priority territories, will feature prominently at the forum in Krasnoyarsk. Russia’s eastern territories are rich in natural resources and have a good geographical situation – meaning their closeness to the Asian markets – and besides, a unique scientific and educational potential. There is only one question here: what should be done to use them properly? Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich is sure that some recipes will be given in Krasnoyarsk.

"The participants will focus on the development of energy and transport infrastructure and on the development of natural resource within the framework of the “green growth” model among other things. The quality of life and government management the work of the Russian government and the fulfillment of the tasks set by the Russian President are dependent on will come up for discussion as well."

Active work to create the necessary infrastructure in Siberia and the Far East is currently underway there, and the economic forum was exactly that something that gave a boost to this work. The projects presented in Krasnoyarsk later received investments, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region Lev Kuznetsov says.

"The creation of transport infrastructure for the southern part of the Evenki Autonomous Area and for the Irkutsk Region, which will make it possible to ensure the supplies of our oil products, is currently underway there. Today we are ready to unveil another project – the construction of the Angara- Yenisei, which is aimed at the implementation of big investment projects, which allow to use new technologies, to create new jobs and to resolve the tasks set by the government. The Asia-Pacific Region, which is developing dynamically today serves as an example there."

A youth session during which representatives of the youth G20 summit will discuss the principles regulating the creation of an “open government” and an “open society” will also be held in Krasnoyarsk.

Dmitry Medvedev will visit the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum not only as a participant. On February 14th he will meet with the President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) Claude-Louis Gallien in Krasnoyarsk to discuss the advancement of the Russian bid to host the 2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

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