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Boeing Dreamliner still grounded

Boeing Dreamliner still grounded

Experts of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board have still not determined the cause of ignition of lithium-ion batteries on board the Boeing-787 Dreamliner. No anomalies were detected. This information is contained in a press release published on the organization's website.

"No obvious abnormalities were found," says the message.

The global fleet of Dreamliners of Japan’s ANA and JAL has been grounded since January 16th at the initiative of the companies themselves, after ANA flight 692 was forced to make an emergency landing over ignited batteries.

A day later the decision to temporarily ground Boeing Dreamliner was taken by Japan’s Ministry of Transport, and later, the leadership of other countries.

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US, Japan, others ground Boeing Dreamliner indefinitely

Europe, Japan and India on Thursday joined the United States in grounding Boeing Co's 787, a day after a second incident involving battery failure caused one of the Dreamliner passenger jets to make an emergency landing.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Wednesday it would temporarily ground Boeing's newest commercial airliner and insisted airlines would have to demonstrate the lithium ion batteries were safe before they could resume flying. It gave no details on when that might happen.

It is the first such action against a U.S.-made passenger plane since the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was grounded in 1979 after a deadly crash in Chicago, analysts said.

Japanese Transport Ministry Vice Minister Hiroshi Kajiyama said the grounding was for an indefinite period, and India's aviation regulator said it was unclear when the aircraft would be back in service. A spokesman for the European Aviation Safety Agency said the region would follow the U.S. grounding order. Poland's LOT Airlines is the only European airline currently operating the 787.

Boeing said in a statement it was confident the 787 was safe and it stood by the plane's integrity.

Air India grounds Boeing Dreamliners

Air India has grounded all its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft for safety concerns following an emergency landing of a Boeing 787 plane in western Japan earlier this week caused by a battery fire risk.

Air India has ordered a total of 27 Dreamliners.

The airliner`s spokesman K. Swaminathan said that India's aviation authority directed the state airline to stop flying the Boeing planes Thursday morning as it waits for an investigation by Indian regulators to take place.

The 787, known as the Dreamliner, is Boeing's newest jet, and the company is counting heavily on its success.

Since its launch after delays of more than three years, the plane has been plagued by a series of problems including a battery fire and fuel leaks.

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Japan grounds all Boeing Dreamliners after emergency landing

Japan's two leading airlines grounded their fleets of Boeing 787s on Wednesday after one of the Dreamliner passenger jets made an emergency landing, heightening safety concerns over a plane many see as the future of commercial aviation.

All Nippon Airways - the world's first carrier to receive the Dreamliner from Boeing after years of delays - said a battery problem triggered a cockpit error message that forced the pilots to land the plane in southwestern Japan.

Both ANA and its rival Japan Airlines (JAL) - which together are among Boeing's biggest customers for the Dreamliner - said they would ground their entire 787 fleets pending safety checks, according to multiple media reports.

ANA has 17 Dreamliners in operation and JAL has seven.

ANA said instruments on domestic flight 692 to Haneda Airport near Tokyo from Yamaguchi in western Japan indicated a battery error, triggering emergency warnings to the pilots. The carrier said the battery was the same type as one that caused a fire on another Dreamliner at a U.S. airport last week.

All 129 passengers and eight crew were evacuated safely via the plane's inflatable chutes. At a news conference, ANA said a smell was detected in the cockpit and the cabin, and pilots received emergency warning of smoke in the forward electronic compartment.

The incident follows a series of mishaps for the new Dreamliner. The sophisticated plane, the world's first mainly carbon-composite airliner, has suffered fuel leaks, a battery fire, wiring problem, brake computer glitch and cracked cockpit window in recent days alone.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Japan

All Nippon Airways’ Boeing Dreamliner had to make an emergency landing in the west of Japan, the airline has announced.

Local media report smoke had been seen inside the cockpit.

All 129 passengers and eight crew on board are safe with no injuries.

The emergency is being investigated. The $32bln Dreamliner program has suffered several problems and setbacks over the years, with the latest fuel leak discovery during a test in Japan on Sunday.

Voice of Russia, RT, Reuters

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